Destiny 2 Short Story: Intermission

r/DestinyJournals AO3 “Look, you know I’m game for anything you want to do. But I think people expected you to get back to your old projects. This new thing of yours—”  “—Of Didi’s.”  “It feels like it’s taking over your life, Marcus.”  “Didi’s life.”  “Fine,” Bast snaps. If this is what it takes to get […]

Destiny 2 Flash Fiction: Chartreuse

Author’s Note I’m obsessed with the vanilla D2 strikes. Don’t ask me why. Let’s just call this second in the series, with Further Observation being the first. Yes, I’m working on Savathun’s Song. Yes, I’m obsessed with that strike. No, it’s not going to be done anytime soon. My favorite comment from r/DestinyJournals was from […]

Destiny 2 Short Story: Wish 15

Author’s Note I originally wanted to write this as taking place over the course of the entire raid, but it depressed me too much. Also, writing second person POV gets tiresome quick. The idea for Wish 15 came to me after going through the Risk/Reward mission with my  Hunter friend who was fresh off playing […]

Destiny 2 Short Story: A Clandestine Meeting

Author’s Note My love for the character of Suraya Hawthorne grows with every reddit post or comment I see making fun of her infamous Clan Engram speech. I wrote this little in-character story as a kind of meta jab at all the complaints about how her dialogue never changes. But how often do people really […]

NYCM Feedback, Dissected

The Results Delighted to see that I placed third in my heat overall for horror, hide and seek, and a tax collector. The original story in full can be found on my previous post, here. Feedback WHAT THE JUDGES LIKED ABOUT YOUR STORY {1909}  The dialogue in this story sets a great hectic, fast pace. The premise itself […]

Destiny 2 Short Story: Flock Together

When the Dawning launched this year, I wrote this as a sort of sequel/what-if scenario in response to the D2 lore tab for Amnestia S-2. The kindest Redditor over on r/DestinyJournals read this and told me “I thought this was a legit lore piece.” !!!!! Thank you. I can retire now. (I won’t, but I […]

Secret Notes #1: A Stardew Valley Short Story

Preamble Every year around December, when the sun starts setting at 11am and I feel, sincerely, like I’m dying, some piece of media becomes my unfortunate crutch to consume with wild abandon and wring out every drop of serotonin that can be spared by playing it. This year’s crutch was Stardew Valley. (The other crutch is/was […]

Destiny 2 Short Story: Further Observation

Author’s note Cross save for Destiny 2 launched a couple months ago. My husband and friends who all played on PS4 decided to cowboy up and cross save to Xbox so they could finally play with lil ol me! It’s been a blast.  This, in conjunction with my new job where I make my own […]

From the Archives: An Ask About Houses/Homes

Originally posted on Tumblr on December 12, 2014 Anonymous asked: What home do you like / miss the most, and why? There’s this house we used to live in back in Montana, a beautiful house on the edge of a ravine with a wheat field beyond it, and a view of mountains all around. True “Big […]