The Most Dangerous Shade of Grey: Chapter Two

It’s very quiet. The light is muted. I am comfortable and warm in this bed. Hmm… I open my eyes, and for a moment, I’m tranquil and serene, enjoying the strange and unfamiliar surroundings. I have no idea where I am. I’m in a huge, beam-ceilinged bedroom with an ultra-modern canopied bed big enough for […]

The Most Dangerous Shade of Grey: Chapter One

Disclaimer: This is a parody. It’s also a crossover. Fifty Shades of Grey The Most Dangerous Game All I can really say to explain this is that I’ve read Fifty Shades probably,  I don’t know—four? five times?—for purposes of research for a podcast that was the whole reason I even made this blog in the […]

NYCM Round 2 Feedback, Dissected

Barely scraped by in third place in Round 2 of the NYC Midnight Short Story Competition, so I’m headed to Round 3. Between the start of April and today, I was offered a contract writing position and have been under pretty tight deadlines–all on TOP of my full-time day job–so this is an interesting week […]

NYCM Round 1 Feedback, Dissected

I can rarely get criticism. It’s not for lack of wanting; I just don’t have beta readers, I don’t have Twitter followers, I’m my own editor (and yeah, I know how bad that is). When I do get critiques on my work, I treat “don’t defend it” as best policy. Who doesn’t love staying silent […]

An Honest, No-Nonsense Perspective

“Do you write, like, fanfiction?” Few things make my blood run cold like a question like that asked IRL, let alone volleyed across the table from one of my coworkers as others filed in the conference room for a staff meeting. I felt my face turn red and decided to just lean into the embarrassment. […]